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Rapid account: Elinholic 95
9 months ago

Hi ! Thanks for your help!
It could be of help for our team.

I have another question! Could you help me one more time ?
I patched this API and it works well.

But i saw that it need 10 seconds for loading 60 products. (This is the one page items.)
I want to get all of Fragrance data, products are estimated like 1200.
Then if i want to patched all of perfume data, it needs 3 minutes!

That time is too long to service app.
If i purchaes higher version of this API, then can i get more products that can be recalled at once?

Thanks for reading my long question! ?
Regards, Yooj from Seoul.

Rapid account: Apidojo
apidojo Commented 9 months ago


All plans have rate limiting at 5 calls per second. You may ask for a custom plan with higher rate limiting up to 25 calls / second but your budget must be higher the MEGA plan.


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