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Product detail not giving data

Rapid account: Wahidkodex
5 months ago

I am using product details API but I’m facing an issue due to which I’m unable to get data from sephora. API does not provide exact product details, I am passing required params but it either displays product not found or gives wrong product in response even though the product is listed in sephora listings. I need to integrate this API in my Application on urgent basis, PLEASE HELP!

Rapid account: Apidojo
apidojo Commented 4 months ago

Hello vaghawan,

You guess it wrong, the id (used with the endpoint) is different from the site. You need to use …/products/v2/list to get the correct ID first. Currently, there is no way to convert the P{id} to actual id to use with the endpoint.


Rapid account: Vaghawan
vaghawan Commented 4 months ago

Even the /v2/ endpoint doesn’t give the detail data, I used the product id from, for example in the following url:

I interpret 505274 as a product id.

Rapid account: Apidojo
apidojo Commented 5 months ago

Well, you just talk plain text without providing any request samples. Did you use the deprecated endpoints? How did you get the product id to use with …/products/v2/detail?


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