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Inconsistency in getPost

Rapid account: Mustafa ML Wxit 8 X
5 महीने पहले

It looks like some video IDs don’t get scraped and it is very inconsistent. Fatal Item IDs is returned from getPost in the like so:


But it’s not consistent, some videos haven’t been scraping for a day and then suddenly return data

For example - this video ID -> 7151462470811503877

Rapid account: Contact Cm WXED Tql
contact-cmWXEDTql Commented 5 महीने पहले

it’s fixed now, thanks for the report.

Rapid account: Mustafa ML Wxit 8 X
mustafa-MLWxit8-X Commented 5 महीने पहले

Could this be because this post requires an account cookie? If so, how would we resolve this?

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