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Authorization key

Rapid account: Sunday 58
hace 3 años

How do i get Authorization key. thanks

Rapid account: Anupam 1897
anupam1897 Commented hace un año


Rapid account: Ljunckersr
ljunckersr Commented hace 2 años

I have still not received the Verification email to start mya ccount. Whenever I log in I am delivered to the following response…

Already verified? Sign In!
Verify Your E-mail Address
We have sent an e-mail to you for verification. Follow the link provided to finalize the signup process.
Please contact us if you do not receive it within a few minutes.

Rapid account: Jackonya 1111
jackonya1111 Commented hace 2 años

How do I get a number to receive a code

Rapid account: Gokul Prasath
GokulPrasath Commented hace 2 años

Where to insert authorization credentials?

Rapid account: D 7 Admin
d7admin Commented hace 3 años

You can get the API token from https://dashboard.d7networks.com/verification-api. Also, use the string “Token” in front of the API key. Example: “Token 503234f621***********************”

Rapid account: Kisonijulien
kisonijulien Commented hace 3 años

Same problem. Please How do i get the token ? Thanks

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