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LORA integration

Hi! Did you consider to implement LORA into your API?

LoRAs are files that alter the results of existing Stable Diffusion models based a particular concept. This could be an art-style, a character, a real-life person, an object, or a theme.

I’ve noticed right now lots of people uses it their renders, but i couldn’t find it in any API for stable diffusion.

In replicate you just need to provide:
lora_urls: The URL or URLs of your trained LoRA concept(s) you copied in the previous step. You can pass a single URL, or a list of URLs separated by a pipe character |. Passing multiple URLs allows you to combine multiple concepts into a single image.

Replicate documentation describing it:

Please consider this, that’s such a cool feature i miss everywhere

Thank’s in advance and have a great day! 😄

Rapid account: Dezgo
dezgo Commented hace 7 meses


Thank you for reaching out and providing valuable feedback. We appreciate your interest in our service and the time you took to share this information with us.

Yes, we have considered adding LORA to our API. Our team is currently working on integrating it with our technology stack and making it fast to ensure a seamless and efficient user experience. We understand the potential that LORA brings to our users, and we are excited about the possibilities it presents.

Your feedback plays a crucial role in helping us improve our services, and we are grateful for your input. Please stay tuned for updates as we work towards implementing this feature.

We appreciate your support and wish you a fantastic day!

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