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il y a 2 ans


I think that this API concerns only the domain “Real Estate”.
For exemple if I make a search by “phone” for a company in another domain, I have an empty result
{“Code”:404,“Description”:“No result found!”,“Data”:[]}

Thank you to tell me that what I said is correct or not…And if possible tell me where I can find an API to do a search by Phone (or by ID or by NEQ) in Canada available for All dseconomic sectors/domains

Best regards,

apibroker commented il y a 2 ans

The phone number in our example when you test the API returns other category businesses also (like Clothing / Retail) so not sure what you mean by Real Estate only. If you got a 404 on a phone number, then we don’t have a result for that phone number (it might be new or not connected with a business on our end).

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