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How can I make a map with a limit of 10 games?

Rapid account: Coding By Gopal
CodingByGopal Commented a year ago

const indexOfLastGameInList = currentPage * gameItemPerPage;
const indexOfFirstGameInList = indexOfLastGameInList - gameItemPerPage;
const currentGameList = results.slice(

// then use map

{ => {return <li>{}</li>,}

Rapid account: Cpinopacheco 64
cpinopacheco64 Commented a year ago

I would like to know the same, I am looking for the option to bring a certain amount of elements. How can that be done?

Rapid account: Frandepaulo 23 Kixps GD Tq U 8
frandepaulo23-kixpsGDTqU8 Commented 2 years ago

I am trying to render in the DOM only 10 games of the more than 400 that are in the api…
some APIs can be assigned something like or api/games?results=10
does this api have that option?

Rapid account: Digiwalls
digiwalls Commented 2 years ago

What you trying to do exactly?

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