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The text extraction and manipulation API allows you to add, extract, remove, replace, trim, sort lines from text.
Text can be provided as an input string or as file.
You can also extract text from many text files such as PDF, DOCX, XLSX, CSV and more.

Here’s a list of extraction tools available:

  • add incremental number
  • add new line
  • add prefix
  • add suffix
  • add text at lines
  • add text every nth line
  • convert case
  • decode
  • encode
  • extract columns
  • extract every nth line
  • extract line chunk between text
  • extract lines containing text
  • extract random lines
  • extract rows
  • find and replace
  • remove blank lines
  • remove columns
  • remove every nth line
  • remove line chunk between text
  • remove lines containing text
  • remove new lines
  • remove rows
  • sort lines
  • trim lines
  • web extraction

API limits:

  • Payload size: 10MB
  • Timeout: 180 seconds.

For more informations or to try out the extraction tools, visit

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