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Location only does not work.

Rapid account: Koichi 555
hace un año

I purchased on July 20.
I want to use GET Location but I get an error.

{1 item
"error": “something went wrong”

I am using adalo, a no-code app development system that makes it easy to install rapidapi.

If the error check does not pass, the API cannot be activated.

GET Legacy - GeoIP and GET IP are working.

Only Location does not work.

Is there a solution?

Rapid account: Deleted
[deleted] Commented hace 5 meses

Hello Provider, this is a test of the email notification when someone posts in a discussion.

Rapid account: Klarrimore
klarrimore Commented hace un año

itvc, crazy how the developers don’t even know how this works. if you use “Location with specific IP” remove the optional JSONP call back and it will work.

Rapid account: Itvc
itvc Commented hace un año

Similar problem. Testing within the RapidAPI website, only “Legacy - Geo IP” works. The other 4, “JSON IP”, “IP”, “Location”, and “Location with specific IP” do not work, and return an unhelpful “something went wrong” error. To top it off, the RapidAPI website has no obvious way to cancel or refund a subscription. I should have known better…

Rapid account: Koichi 555
koichi555 Commented hace un año

Thank you for your help.
I received a response that it is not available in adalo.
Sorry for our hasty response, but is it possible to get a refund?

Rapid account: Fcambus
fcambus Commented hace un año


At this point the geoip and location endpoints return exactly the same data and work the same way, so for now you can use the geoip endpoint without issues.

I would suggest contacting Adalo support about the location endpoint issue, as it seems to be an integration issue on their end.


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