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Slow Websites can cost you Web traffic. Inefficient home page loads, sluggish pages within the site, slow-to-respond API calls, and other non-performing dynamic features of a Web site will annoy visitors and users. This will ultimately cost you business. And in today’s international business environments, it can be difficult to know how your Web site and other Web offerings perform globally, and whether or not investments in site acceleration are actually paying off. But there is help.

Interzoid’s Global Page Load API allows real-time performance monitoring of Web pages and other Internet-assets with an easy-to-use API call. Simply provide the desired source calling location as a parameter value (Paris, Tokyo, Sydney, Frankfurt, San Francisco, Mumbai, Singapore, etc.) along with the target URL to the API function. The API will return a measured value of the amount of time elapsing for the site to respond and simulate a browser load of the page from the specified geographic location. This allows automating performance-measuring tasks from diverse locations at timed intervals (as an example) enabling performance monitoring and reliability testing from all over the world. This ensures end-user actions are responded to quickly everywhere and investments such as edge locations are paying off. With Interzoid’s easy-to-integrate API interfaces and usage-based business model, you can get up and running with a global Web performance monitoring solution fast.

With the Global Page Load API, you can:

✔ Ensure efficient response to end-user actions
✔ Conduct scheduled, automated Web performance and reliability monitoring
✔ Measure performance and ensure uptime from thirteen different locations around the globe
✔ Identify gradual performance degradation of Web assets
✔ Measure and enforce SLA agreements and contracts
✔ Comprehensively Identify slower parts of a Web site or Web application
✔ Measure performance of non-visual Web site components such as APIs or automated business processes
✔ Ensure CDN, Edge locations and other site acceleration investments are working properly and paying off
✔ Notify support centers and maintenance staff quickly if response issues arise
✔ API-based solution enables full customization of Web performance and reliability strategy
✔ Easy to get up-and-running at points around the globe, literally within minutes

Example Output:

Sample Web Site or API Call -> Origin/Call Source -> Seconds Response from Origin -> London -> .25 -> California -> .15 -> Tokyo -> .37 -> Frankfurt -> .31 -> Sydney -> 1.41 -> Mumbai -> 1.15 -> Montreal -> .43

Input Parameters:
Origin: Physical geographic location of server where page load is to be performed, such as California, Tokyo, Sydney, London
Url: Url of Web page to load and measure, such as “

Output Parameters:
Origin: Physical geographic location of server where measurement was performed
Seconds: Measurement result of performing the page load
Page Response Status: Indicated standard HTTP response from loaded Web page
Contents: Portion of loaded content for verification purposes

Try it interactively here for free:

List of available server locations to use as an input parameter specifying the location:

Cape Town
Hong Kong
Sao Paulo

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