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Please visit v2.exercisedb.io/docs for full API documentation.

A note on list endpoints:

Each endpoint that returns a list/array will by default return 10 items. This is to dramatically increase performance of data transfer to your users. This property can be overwritten by providing a query paramater limit within your requests and setting the value to any number/integer you wish. In addition to the limit query parameter is the offset query parameter. Together those query parameters allow pagination of the lists to only fetch the data your users want to see and not anymore or any less. Please visit v2.exercisedb.io/docs for full API documentation on all endpoints.

A note on image url’s:

The property gifUrl on each exercise will change once per day. As a result you may receive an error response if the gifUrl has expired. This is expected behavior as the url’s are set to expire and refresh in the system at exactly 12:00pm US Central Time. Please make accomidations for this in your code to prevent your users from experiencing any exercise image outages.

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