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Regarding storing response from API into our local database

Hi Team,

Question 1:
Can we store the response from the API ( Like Exercise name , GIF image URL, Target muscle ) into our local database ?

Question 2:
If we choose mega plan which is $30/Month and if we exceed the limit of 120 requests per minute, how much we will be charged after exceeding the limit of 120 requests per minute?

Question 3:
Can we call array of exercises in a single API get request, is there any limitation for getting array of exercise id in a single API request?

Question 4:
How do i keep track of my API requests per minute or API requests per month?

Many thanks,

kiprotichdominic commented 3 months ago

Hey, what are using the API for i had a similar idea too

johannesskagius commented 4 months ago


Did any of the you get an answer?
I need to know this as well.

Best regards

KaustavDharmah commented 5 months ago

Hi me too need answer to this.

Can we store the data in our local database and can we use that to build some app or website.
Or is this data copyrighted or has some similar restriction?

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