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error 521

4달 전


I have used this API for a while but today I suddently started getting error 521 for some of the same queries of which I got response 200 one day ago. When I look at the results in the saved text file I can find the html instead of the response. I checked online and found that 521 error means that the website is down but I don’t understand. Can someone help me please?

marcelinhov2 commented 4달 전

I’ll check that.

Bakly commented 4달 전

Thank you for your quick reply.

Please note that I have two codes reading the same data they give me 200 for some requests and 521 for other requests. the response does not match in both codes.

Both codes used to give me 200 as a response for the same data until today, approximately 2:00 GMT.

Thank you.

Bakly commented 4달 전

Hi again,

Sorry to bug you with my questions.
Do you have any idea how much time this will roughly take? I was planning to use this API for a big project and I need to know how much it will approximately take to fix this issue.

Sorry again. Thanks.

marcelinhov2 commented 2달 전

I just lost your message here. The thing with this error is that Google is blocking an file. It’s a matter of retry only. Thanks.

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