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I am extremely interested in your API’s however would like to know a bit more detail if possible please.

Are the API’s compatible with Wordpress and Squarespace websites?

If I was to purchase the PRO package, what would I be actually purchasing? (for example, what functionalities would this give my website)

Many thanks for your assistance, really looking forward to hearing back from you.


marcusgoede commented 6 वर्ष पहले

Hi Patrick,

sounds great! Of course my API can help since it returns the distance between any airports. There is also a possibility to use the API for the autocompletion in airport search fields!

Let me know if I can answer further questions or help you with the integration!

Best regards

pmelia commented 6 वर्ष पहले

Many thanks for your quick response!

I am in the process of setting up a flight delay claims company. I would like to add a feature were by clients can use a calculator to see how much they are entitled too. There are only 3 variables in prices all dependent on flight distance; for example under 1500km, between 1500km-3500km, greater than 3500km. Do you think it would be possible that this API could assist this? As the clients will only need to put their departure and arrival airports and this will give us a distance which will fit into one of the 3 price categories.

Also there will be numerous fields throughout the website where clients will be entering there airport, would it be possible for the application to self populate once a letter or two has been enetered? For example, Liver … LPL (Liverpool John Lennon, UK).

Many thanks,


marcusgoede commented 6 वर्ष पहले

Hi Patrick,

thank you for your interest in my application. This webservice can be used in all kinds of websites. The main feature is the distance and duration calculation between airports. You can also request information about aircraft, airports, etc.

If you purchase the PRO plan you can perform 1000 calculations and requests each month.

What kind of website do you plan? I can also provide help with the integration of the service if you need.

Best regards

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