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New routes

Rapid account: Ghermansteo

Hello! I’m sorry to be bothering you, could you please give me a ballpark as to when the new routes are going to be added? I’m sorry to ask you this but I’m working on my diploma project for uni and I was just wondering if they will be available soon…

Thank you so much!!!

Rapid account: Deleted
[deleted] Commented 10ヶ月前

Hi! Sorry to jump into your discussion @ghermansteo. I was also curious as to when the rest of the methods are going to be implemented. Thank you!

Rapid account: Mnai 01
mnai01 Commented 1年前

Subscribe to the free plan so I can direct message you

Rapid account: Ghermansteo
ghermansteo Commented 1年前


I want to use GetCategories and GetAllByCategory. Thank you very much and I hope it is not too much trouble. Next week is okay too, no worries.

Thank you so much for making this api, it saved my academic life! 😃)

Rapid account: Mnai 01
mnai01 Commented 1年前

Hey ghermansteo,

Not a bother at all, for a general ballpark probably by end of this week or next week. What routes are you specifically looking for? If its one of the simpler ones I might be able to release it earlier then the other ones, just let me know 😃

Thanks for reaching out,

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