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Subscription Issue

Rapid account: Techie Sanjeeva
2 years ago

Hi Team,
When I try to take the basic subscription , after entering all the details also pay now button is disabled, Could you please help on this

Rapid account: Rapidapi
rapidapi Commented 2 years ago

Hello Techie/Samuel,
If you are having a problem with the pay button try making sure your information is entered in the billing section of your profile: If you are still having issues please contact and they can help.

Rapid account: Samuel 121
Samuel121 Commented 2 years ago

I have finally figured out that your OLD api has now been moved over - and you are requiring a new subscription. I am trying to create the new subscription and like Techie.Sanjeeva I am experiencing the same issue. I’m on Windows 11 and using the latest version of Chrome.

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