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Rapid account: Chrisd 9 I Tm Ih Esx
7 months ago
Is this completely shut down?  Is there a replacement for this API?
Rapid account: Realtymole
realtymole Commented 6 months ago

Hi there,

No, we provide a full range of property data via our API, including property records, owner details, property value and rent estimates, active listings and real estate market trends. So you definitely can use our API and data for decision making when evaluating flips and rehab projects.

You can learn more about our API on our website, and view our available data sets and endpoints on our API developer portal.

Cindy Bellford
Realty Mole Support

Rapid account: Drorata A GE 5 Pkcm 7 Tt
drorata-aGE5Pkcm7Tt Commented 6 months ago

I am looking for an API to provide data to support decision making in the context for flips. Do I get it right and your API is solely focusing on rentals?

Rapid account: Realtymole
realtymole Commented 7 months ago

Hi there,

Our Realty Mole API is now considered deprecated. While we don’t have immediate plans to shut down this API (and all of the endpoints will continue working), we will not be releasing any additional features or updates for it going forward.

We recommend migrating to our new and improved RentCast API and using it for all new projects and integrations. View our new API docs to get started, and our Realty Mole migration guide for steps on how to migrate existing integrations.

Cindy Bellford
Realty Mole Support

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