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An API service to obtain datacenter and residential proxies.

Not a developer? Make use of our ep-proxy-server to still take advantage of this API.

For support or custom pricing, we are available by direct message or email: support@ephemeral-proxies.net.

  • This service contains a pool of stable and high quality proxies that get automatically rotated to ensure that you get a new different proxy on each API call.
  • Each request to this API service will provide you with a new proxy available for 30 mins.
  • Proxies are constantly monitored to ensure their health.
  • You can extend the allocation time of a datacenter proxy by successive calls to the api, up to a maximum of 24 hours starting from when the proxy was originally allocated.
  • The API also provides the total number of proxies that the service has available.

Client libraries available:

If you are not a developer but still would like to enjoy this API, you can make use of our ep-proxy-server. This tool is a proxy server that you can locally run and use like a regular proxy. In the background, this proxy server will allocate proxies from Ephemeral Proxies API and forward all requests to them.

For any assistance using or integrating with the API, do no hesitate to contact us. And if you have any feedback, we would love to hear it!
We are available by email at support@ephemeral-proxies.net and by Direct Messages on RapidAPI.

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