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How frequently is the pool of proxies updated?

Rapid account: Benjamin A Nagy
un anno fa

I would like to know the frequency with which the proxies change. Each time I request the endpoint to check the service status, I see roughly the same amount of proxies available. Are these proxies the same always? Are these IPs being changed for new ones? All of them or just a port of it? With what frequency?

Thank you in advance for your response!

Rapid account: Benjamin A Nagy
benjamin.a.nagy Commented un anno fa


Thank you for replying so quickly and for the explanation! In the future our needs might increase, they most probably will. When that happens I’ll contact you again.

Best regards!

Rapid account: Rpi 4 Gx
rpi4gx Commented un anno fa

Hi Benjamin,

the service_status endpoint only reports the number of proxies that are healthy and available for users to consume, hence the variation.

As of today, these proxies are all static proxies and they will reach their target by the IP set on proxy.visibility.ip field, in the response. At the moment the total number of static proxies served by the API is around a thousand. I might increase this number if the API demand increases. I would say they get rotated every few months approximately.

If you still need higher IP rotation, I could also introduce rotational proxies into the API. In the short-term, I’m working on adding residential proxies, which will also increase the number of proxies the API offers.

I hope this helps.


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