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Countries list

Rapid account: Jose Venancio Ryan
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I’m using a countries list on my request to a datacenter proxy, the proxy is random from this list or is the first one available? Because I’m allways getting the a proxy from the same country.

Rapid account: Rpi 4 Gx
rpi4gx Commented 7 महीने पहले


the proxy that the API returns is a random proxy from the first country that it has availability.

For example, if the country parameter is set to GB,US,PL,RU, first the API will try to return a random proxy from GB. If there are no proxies available on GB, it will try US next, and it will continue until if finds an available proxy to return.

If you seek to randomize the country from a list of countries, you could randomize the order of the list before making the API call, or I could add support to the API with a new parameter where it would randomize the country for you.

I hope this helps.

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