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Scraping large amounts of data from a website can be stressful. You have to deal with proxies, getting your IP blocked, user-agent, browser, CAPTCHA and all sort of things.

With Scraper Box, we do the heavy work for you so you get a clean HTML data you need with a simple API call. Easily integrate ScraperBox into your own apps. Just specify what URL you want to scrape and we’ll get the HTML you need.

Some Use Case:

  1. Get price, sales and product information
  2. Perform Ad Verification
  3. Track travel prices
  4. Market Research

Few Guidelines:

  • The system will only charge for the HTTP 200 and 404 responses.
  • Each request has 30 seconds to return results successfully. It will retry several times until it reaches 30 seconds. If a request reaches 30 seconds, the scraper box will return error 500.
  • Each request has limit of 2mb max per request. In case you want to scrape a file, make sure you keep this in mind.
  • If you exceed your current limit, the system will automatically charge on a per-API-call basis.
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