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Having trouble getting a response when calling YelpAPI

Rapid account: Derickhenry 618
לפני 6 שנים

I am trying to use the 'RapidApi.Call… function in .Net C#. It seems to work when I use Test function in the functions section after I provide the api key and the necessary parameters. The response is 200. However, when I copy the clipboard on to the code on my end in visual studio, it gets to the line where it makes the call and doesn’t get any further than that.

The line looks like this:
Dictionary<string, object> response = RapidApi.Call(“YelpAPI”, “getBusinesses”, body.ToArray()).Result;

I have even broken it up so that I could see which part was failing (something like this):
var call = RapidApi.Call(“YelpAPI”, “getBusinesses”, body.ToArray());
Dictionary<string, object> response = call.Result;

And that is the furthest i’ve gotten. When in debug mode i peek at the call variable’s values and status is always: “Waiting For activation…”.

What am I doing wrong? Does it seem like I am missing something?

Rapid account: Ivallejos Olaza
ivallejos.olaza Commented לפני 5 שנים

There is an error i guess

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