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how Concurrency support ?

vor 2 Jahren

how Concurrency support ?

twinword commented vor 2 Jahren

Hi there,

Generally, our servers have been tested to handle the daily growing demands of users. However, all our APIs publicly offered share the same resources more or less, so you’ll have to test on your end how many concurrent requests you can do.

If you need a specific amount of request per second, we can offer you an SLA under an Enterprise contract. In case you’re interested in that, please contact us at help@twinword.com. We hope this helps 😃

If you enjoy our API, we’d appreciate if you would leave us a review: https://g.page/Twinword/review?gm

Thank you and best regards,

Team Twinword

zhendeshiming commented vor 2 Jahren

how can i apply a enterprise account?

zhendeshiming commented vor 2 Jahren

do you have im account? i want to contact you use instant message?msn,skype, or telegram?i want contract you on real time

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