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something going on with topic tagging api on twinword?

6년 전

was working fine, but not now via my app or the marketplace/twinword interface.

twinword commented 6년 전

Hi doutterson,

We apologize for the error you experienced.

From what it looks like, our servers were under heavy load today, but has recovered since. I just ran a hard check of all our endpoints and everything seems to be normal now. Our system constantly monitors the health of our services and is always prepared to restore them automatically in the event of a failure.

Normally, our servers are prepared to handle the growing number of users from Mashape and their demands. However, please note that although we strive to maintain persistent availability and uptime for our services publicly listed on Mashape, we also offer private enterprise solutions that come with an SLA guaranteeing uptime and throughput. If that is something you are interested in, feel free to contact for more information.

Thank you for using our API,
Team Twinword

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