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Free subscription option that has no charge after 10k

Rapid account: Kewalker 338
7년 전

We read in your product info that there is a subscription option that is free for 10k and then just stops (with no per activity charge). We want to sign up for that one but don’t see the option. Can you help?


Rapid account: Twinword
twinword Commented 5년 전

Hi kewalker338,

Sorry for the late reply. Somehow this ticket never made it to our mailbox.

That option is not available currently in the Mashape / RapidAPI marketplace.

However, that is an option that is available if you consume our APIs through AWS Marketplace. Here is a link to this same API on AWS Marketplace:

Please feel free to contact us at help@twinword.com if you have any further questions.

Good luck,

Team Twinword

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