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Hi there - you can get as many results as you would like by using the paging feature. You make a second API call to get the second set of 50 records and so forth. The API documentation will show you the parameters to use for paging beyond 50 results.
Sun 7:41 22/8/21
Hi Kilaru, It looks like you aren't using the correct API key when you make API calls. The link: will give you instructions on how to find your API key and how to use your API key in making calls. You basically just pass a header parameter of X-RapidAPI-Key with your API key value.
Wed 1:33 7/7/21
Hi Kelley, I see that you are signed up for the freemium plan. Checking analytics it looks like you have been able to successfully make calls, perhaps using RapidAPIs website? Are you having problems with the API call within your application? If so please send me the code you are using to make the API call and I can help you troubleshoot. You can reach us directly at
Fri 4:01 4/12/20
Hi there Ramkumar92, Our sincere apologies for the data inconsistency you experienced yesterday. The missing data elements may have been due to a couple of reasons: 1. We experienced a brief, backend service event yesterday which may have affected the data elements returned in our API responses. This did not impact our uptime, but it could have impacted the data that you pulled back. 2. We regularly refresh data across the United States but typically focus our data refreshes on higher populated or commonly queried regions. If you queried a low population or uncommonly queried location, the data coverage may have had some gaps in it that our scripts refreshed after your queries were registered. If you have areas that you will commonly be querying you can let us know and we'll pre-populate those areas and focus our refresh on them so your data returns will be more consistent. You can email us at if you'd like us to make sure we have good coverage for the areas you're querying. Thank you! Scott
Thu 9:52 19/11/20
Hi, We currently support rental data in the USA only. We are working on expanding to other countries but don't have firm timelines yet. Thanks, Realty Mole
Sat 4:23 16/5/20