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showing error in postman

Rapid account: Srk 123
6 years ago

When i try to fetch data , an error is shown in postman. The error is
Could not get any response
There was an error connecting to POST

Rapid account: Divineapi 632
divineapi632 Commented 20 days ago

Encountering the “Could not get any response” error in Postman usually suggests a failure to establish a connection or retrieve a response from the targeted server. Multiple factors could contribute to this issue, including an incorrect URL, network connectivity issues, server downtime, or misconfigured API settings. To address this problem, it’s essential to conduct a thorough troubleshooting process. Begin by confirming the accuracy of the URL, checking the network connection status, and verifying the server’s operational status. Additionally, review the API settings for any potential misconfigurations or errors. For further insights, examine the Postman console logs, as they may contain detailed error messages that can aid in resolving the issue effectively.

You can check here for solution:-

Rapid account: Dineshgahelot 63
dineshgahelot63 Commented 20 days ago

The error “Could not get any response” in Postman typically indicates a failure to connect or receive a response from the server you’re trying to fetch data from. Several factors could cause this issue, such as incorrect URL, network connectivity problems, server downtime, or misconfigured API settings. To troubleshoot, ensure the URL is correct, check network connectivity, verify server status, and review API configurations for any errors. Additionally, inspect Postman console logs for more detailed error messages that might provide clues to resolve the issue.

you can find solution from horoscope fr
ee api

Rapid account: Vedicrishi
vedicrishi Commented 6 years ago

This might be an issue of API key and UserId.
You can take trial of our APIs from


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