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Difference between video_view_count & video_play_count

Rapid account: Jeromel 6
3 months ago


by requesting the endpoint media_info I can get video_view_count and
video_play_count, this is not possible with media_infov2.

This is great but I have 2 questions :

  1. what is the difference ? view is count after 3s and play as soon as the video starts ?
  2. My clients are asking where the can see the view information… can you point me somewhere this information is displayed ? how are you able to get it ?

thanks !

Rapid account: Yuananf
yuananf Commented 3 months ago
  1. In my opinion, video_play_count is always larger or equal to video_view_count. Once a user clicked the video, video_play_count++. When a user watched the video for several seconds(maybe 3s), video_view_count++.
  1. For example, https://www.instagram.com/instagram/reels/

    This video_play_count is displayed on the left bottom corner of each video. But I can’t find video_view_count on the page.

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