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Is this API available offline?

Rapid account: Rachel Mislovaty
vor 4 Jahren

I am a developer of a recipe app and would be glad to ply for this service.
However, most of my users use the app offline (from their iPads, while camping or traveling in RV). So I am searching for an API like this to purchase, but one that doesn’t require internet​ connectivity. Is it an option?

Rapid account: Pavan Kalyan 1819
pavan.kalyan1819 Commented vor 2 Jahren

I am using Mulesoft software what is port of this API

Rapid account: Zestfuldata
zestfuldata Commented vor 4 Jahren

Hi Rachel,
Thanks for reaching out!

Unfortunately, this API is only available online. If you’d like to discuss possible solutions, feel free to email me ( Perhaps there are ways of pre-processing data or queueing work until the user has connectivity again?


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