QR code generator and management
By qrzebra
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QR code generator and management API Documentation

A complete API to make a customized QR code generator with logo, dynamic QR codes to track data, QR codes in bulk for consumer products. We offer PNG as SVG format for professional use. Many major brands use our API. For more information contact us on: [email protected]

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POSTDynamic QR generator
GETGET Track Data
GETGet your all QR code list
POSTUpload Logo
POSTDynamic QR generator

Create a custom Visual QR code with this API. This will create the campaign of Dynamic QR which you can easily track for visitors.


Use Authorization Bearer in Header to communicate with QR-Zebra. You can find this API-Key on your profile page in our website QRZebra

Header Parameters
REQUIREDBearer faf14e54-5838-11e8-9c2d-fa7ae01bbebc
Required Parameters
QR generator Response
REQUIREDDesign custom eyes, patterns and colors that return a PNG image of custom QR code
Code Snippet
Install SDK
Response ExampleSchema

Install SDK for (Node.js)Unirest

OAuth2 Authentication
Client ID
Client Secret
OAuth2 Authentication