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The query to the right will return all the Best Buy product categories. Query is filtered to show only ids.


Step 1: Visit https://developer.bestbuy.com/login and sign up with your email.
Step 2: After,you get an email with instructions on how to activate your new api key.

Test This Block

  • apiKey
    Body parameter
    API key that you received from BestBuy.

  • gear
    Required Parameters

      Optional Parameters
      • facetsQuery
        Body parameter
        You can retrieve summary information about the items that are returned by your query by using the facets query parameter.
      • pageSize
        Body parameter
        By default, we include 10 results per page, but you can ask for up to 100 per page by making use of the `pageSize` parameter.
      • sort
        Body parameter
        You can specify the way in which you’d like to have the results sorted by one or more attribute value(s).`attribute.asc` - Sort the results in ascending order of the specified attribute. `attribute.dsc` - Sort the results in descending order of the specified attribute. `attribute.desc` - Sort the results in descending order of the specified attribute.
      • page
        Body parameter
        Use the `page` parameter to choose which page of results you’d like returned.
      • facetsNumber
        Body parameter
        Facets number.Required if use facetsQuery.
      • returnedFields
        Body parameter
        The show attribute allows you to control which attributes are returned.To return all attributes `all`.
      • cursorMask
        Body parameter
        With large result sets - e.g., query sets with more than 10 pages of results - we recommend you use the cursorMark parameter to walk through your results. You can use cursorMark to walk through the full product or store catalog, deltas since you last queried for active products, or any other query result. The cursorMark works a lot like a bookmark, keeping track of what subset of items are currently shown in your result set and how to get to the next subset of items.To use the cursorMark with your result set, add cursorMark=* to your query parameters.
      Show Optional Parameters
      TEST Function
      CODE (NodeJS)

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      Meanwhile, you can enjoy this limerick:

      "A programming genius called HEAP
      Had trouble in getting to sleep
      So he made his lambs troup
      through a huge FOR-NEXT loop
      FOR 1 TO 10000: NEXT sheep."

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      We will charge your card every month for the plan amount, as well as any overages incurred in the previous month.

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