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The REIT Data Market (RDM) universe currently consists of about 100+ publicly-traded US REITs, across all REIT sectors (Multifamily, Storage, Office, Industrial, Retail, Data Center and Speciality/Diversified).

Overview of Methods

GET /reit-index - Fetches list/dictionary of all available data including which REITs are available, the dates of collection, and the property types found in those REITs. No parameters required.

GET /property- Provides user with the IDs for properties for a single REIT. Optional parameters include geographic levels (zip_code,state,country, countygeoid, msageoid and country) and geogrpahic values (90210, US etc).

GET /property-info-basic - Provides basic attributes for a property like property name, full street address and geographic levels and values for a propertty ID.

GET /property-info-preimium - Provides preimium attributes like latitude/longitude coordinate pair, property_size (sq ft), units, ownership and avg_occupy (mean occupancy) if available for a propertty ID.

GET /feature-search - Searches for and returns features within distance of a latitude/longitude coordinate pair. Features include tenet desiered features like Starbucks, Whole Foods etc for a latitude/longitude coordinate pair.

See Tutorial and Spotlight for recommended Workflow and Examples.