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Rocketium API Documentation

Rocketium's video creation API enables businesses to automate bulk video creation. Devs can use this API to make videos from a series of images, clips, some text, music, and voice-over. Though this API is mostly used by e-commerce and retail businesses, folks from marketing agencies, online news and media houses, real estate, event management, hospitality, FMCG, and travel also benefit by making videos in bulk.

This API is most commonly used to make videos for:
• personalized sales and marketing video campaigns,
• automatically create product videos for listings on e-commerce websites,
• video ads for new products/collections,
• announcement videos for sales, discounts or seasonal offers

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POSTCreate Video
GETRetrieve Video
GETRetrieve Themes
GETRetrieve Themes

This API returns themes associated with your account and public themes available to all users.


The Rocketium video API opens up parts of the Rocketium platform so third-party developers can create and manipulate videos programmatically. The APIs enable you to not only carry out simple video creation tasks, but complex operations like video trimming, cropping, changing video speed, reversing clips etc. Check out our website to know more: https://rocketium.com/api/

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