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Response is different from what the app returns?

6 месяцев назад

I was testing this on a few different songs to make sure it’s working like the app does, although it appears it’s not. For example with the song ‘1/2 Ticket - T.I’ Shazam consistently gives me the correct response trying many times, this api is jumping between multiple results of different artists on the same beat, rarely getting the correct one. Also why does this endpoint require a 5 second sample, the real api doesn’t use 5 seconds? It’s able to get songs in < 5 seconds whereas this API won’t give me a result unless I give 5 seconds exactly.

apidojo commented 6 месяцев назад


Why don’t you try the same samples with the official Shazam application and experience yourself? It must need the same duration to detect the song.


laurencewood01 commented 5 месяцев назад

I was trying the same song, although I noticed I was using technically 2 different versions of the same song… switched how I was testing the app and it seemed to behave more like the api finally, although it didn’t seem as inconsistent still. I tried changing sample length from 5s to 5040ms on the api and that seemed to improve consistency but I’m not totally sure.

I have to do some more testing to figure out if the issue I’m having is from samples of different parts of the song or if changing sample length is really affecting results…

apidojo commented 5 месяцев назад


You should try the portion at middle of the song for example, and the song will be easier to recognize.


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