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This API verifies your phone number and helps your format it into an international format, E.164.

Similar to an email address, a phone number is an essential customer identifier. It is regularly used by businesses for sending important account updates, announcements, and security codes. Compared to email addresses, phone numbers provide a strong authentication method for account logins and other occasions making it an important data input that needs to be validated during various stages of the customer life-cycle.

One of the key challenges with phone numbers is getting them properly validated and formatted for storage on a database. People generally tend to format a phone number in a way that is popular within their region. As a result, there are a variety of ways in which businesses build their online form. This has resulted in non-standard practices and confusion between customers and businesses.

The Phone Number Validation API solves these specific problems related to phone number validation and formatting. Using this API, you can validate and convert phone numbers (any format) to the E164 standard format, international format or national format. In addition, the API also identifies the type of phone line, ie fixed-line, mobile, VoIP and so on.

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