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Service Workers not working when hosted on Azure

Rapid account: Digitalcrankz
vor einem Jahr

have an application that uses Angular V14 for frontend and .Net 6 backend. I recently implemented service workers to allow for some offline capabilities. Everything works great when I’m on localhost but when I host it on Azure I get the error :

Uncaught (in promise) Error: Manifest fetch Failed! (status: 403)
at Driver.fetchLatestManifest (ngsw-worker.js)
at Driver.initialize (ngsw-worker.js)
I’ve tried updating the CORS policy in Azure and I still get the error.

Rapid account: D 7 Admin
d7admin Commented vor einem Jahr

Hello Customer,

To better assist you, could you please provide us with more details about the issue you are facing? It would be helpful if you could send the details to support@d7networks.com from your registered email address with D7 Networks. This will enable us to check the requests on your account in detail.

Thank you.

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