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Webhooks help

Rapid account: Afaiq Hack
2 years ago


Im trying to get live goals via webhooks for this API, but I´m having trouble with it, as I dont understand how it would work at all.

Could anybody help me?

Best regards,

Rapid account: Afaiq Hack
afaiq.hack Commented 2 years ago

Im assuming i have to call the /subsribe endpoint with the post request, to be able to get a token, to active my webhook, yes?

this is the call im doing below. Pretty much copy pasted the code from the example, but filling in the query string values.

import requests

url = “

querystring = {“team1”:"brighton ",“team2”:“arsenal”,“url”:‘’}

headers = {
‘x-rapidapi-key’: key,
‘x-rapidapi-host’: “

response = requests.request(“POST”, url, headers=headers, params=querystring)

Problem is, I keep getting this error:
HTTP Status 405 - HTTP method POST is not supported by this URL

this means that this endpoint -
does not support push requests?

Or am I doing something wrong in my code. Some help/feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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