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Powerful aviation APIs. The data includes flight tracking, real-time and historical airport schedules, airline routes, IATA and ICAO databases, airports, airlines, autocomplete and much more!

Bringing big data in aviation to you!

Aviation Edge in a Nutshell
We have created a platform that provides big data in aviation, related to real-time, historical, and passive aviation data through standalone databases and subscription-based API access.
The data specifically includes real-time, historical, and (soon) future airport schedule data, real-time flight tracking data, airline route data, nearby airports, and autocomplete features as well as full databases on diverse subjects such as countries, cities, airplanes, airports, airlines, time zones and aviation taxes.

Use Cases
Independent developers and businesses use our APIs to implement them into websites, build web tools, apps, virtual maps, intracompany tools, software, and more. The data focuses on civil aviation, so both passenger and cargo flights are covered.

Some example use cases based on purpose would be:

Running data analytics of air traffic based on an airline, airport, country, city, etc.,
Tracking canceled and delayed flights for compensation (historical data available),
Viewing trends in airline routes and air transportation around the world (for example, changes due to COVID19),
Viewing daily, historical, or future airport schedules for booking and tracking purposes,
Tracking flights in real-time for greeting services or cargo tracking,
Building virtual maps of real-time and historical movements of airplanes.
We serve more than 6000 clients, mostly in the aviation, hospitality, booking, transportation, and development industries.
Feel free to get in touch with us anytime and tell us about the project you have in mind. We’d be happy to talk about how our APIs can be useful for you in the most efficient way.

This helps your system to be always up to date and provide actual, detailed data to your end-users. The data can be used to implement into websites, build web tools, apps, virtual maps, intracompany tools, software, and much more.

Data Sources & Collection
The data is collected through hundreds of sources which include official authorities as well as airports, airlines, and our data partners in the aviation industry.
The data is aggregated in our central database and presented to our clients via APIs with high response speed and uptimes.

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