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Markdown is not correct

Rapid account: Ethanol 48
vor 7 Monaten

The markdown content is not correctly formated,

In the articles that I tested the newlines were not represented

example id -> 5e41307c97a2


  "markdown": "# Uniswap v4, What's new?\n\n![Photo by [Paul Bill]( on [Unsplash](](*YwKmtuNmHrw5FVVU)\n\nIn this article, we will delve into the highly anticipated update of Uniswap, the leading decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol on the Ethereum blockchain. ? Uniswap v4, brings forth a range of significant changes that enhance customizability, gas efficiency, and overall user experience. With these ..."

What it should be: (not exactly it was obtained in the documentations)

  "markdown": "# Article title\n## Article Subtitle\nArticle **Content** with lot of _markups_ ....\n![Images Alt](Image URL)\n"

The example in the documentation has breaking line, but the API doesn’t

Rapid account: Nishujain 199719 Vg Ifu FH Zx VZ
nishujain199719-vgIfuFHZxVZ Commented vor 7 Monaten

Hey Ethanol48,

We convert page seperators (represented by 3 dots on Medium), to breaking lines in Markdown format (represented by 3 hyphens).

In the documentation example, we used this following article:

If you’ll open this Medium story on your browser, you’ll see a page separator just below the cover image, which in turn converted into breaking lines (3 hyphens) in markdown format.

In the articles that you mentioned (5e41307c97a2), there are no page separators in the entire story. Hence, you’re not seeing breaking lines anywhere in the markdown format.

I hope this clarifies your doubt. If you have any more questions, please feel free to email me at

Thank and regards

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