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Dosen't translate!!! Remove the API

Rapid account: Alannorman
il y a 2 ans

Doesn’t work at all !

Rapid account: Sibaridev
sibaridev Commented il y a 2 ans

Hi !,

We recognize that some of our Customers have faced the “no result issue” that related only to some programing languages.
Please accept our apologies about that, and we inform you that the issue has been fixed.

On the other hand, we developed a NEW RAPID MULTI TRANSLATE API that allow you translate multi texts in one fast query, wish help you improve response time and your service quality.
NEW API : https://rapidapi.com/sibaridev/api/rapid-translate-multi-traduction/

Request Example : [
	"Translate API",
	"Rapid Translate Multi Traduction"
Response Example : [
	"ما هى",
	"ترجمة API",
	"ترجمة سريعة متعددة Traduction"

We strive to give you the best, fast and cheaper results.

Thank you,

Rapid account: Lecto Support
LectoSupport Commented il y a 2 ans


This API may have been abandoned and has stopped working for a while now.

We would encourage you to try out our popular Lecto Translation API instead which is actively maintained with full support: https://rapidapi.com/lecto-lecto-default/api/lecto-translation/

We provide attractive pricing plans and can also give you custom discounts if you have large translation needs: https://rapidapi.com/lecto-lecto-default/api/lecto-translation/pricing

Feel free to email us to discuss further too at support@lecto.ai or via Telegram @lectoai


Lecto AI Team
Telegram: @lectoai

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