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Radio rights

Rapid account: Carlosverab
לפני 3 שנים

Hi, great API.

Do we need to ask for some rights to the owner radio?. If we buy a plan with you, does it includes rights to authorization from the owner of the radio to retransmith its radio station?.


Rapid account: Radioman 1880
radioman1880 Commented לפני שנה

I am on a similar situtation than sroik1994. My gut feeling says that Apple doesn’t care about the fact that radio streams are free, they prioritize to be covered and they expect any type of consent from radio owners.

Anyone could go through this?

Rapid account: Sroik 1994
sroik1994 Commented לפני שנתיים

But Apple rejects my app. Saying “Your app contains content or features that may violate the rights of one or more third parties. Specifically, your app provides potentially unauthorized access to third-party audio or video streaming, catalogs, and discovery services.”

Can you help with that?

Rapid account: Dicolink
dicolink Commented לפני שנתיים

I’m very interested in you API but i’m interested also in this question.
Vitlabs, where did you find the retransmission of radio streams is free ?
Can you provide a website or a page where we can see that ?
Thanks a lot

Rapid account: Vitlabs 27
vitlabs27 Commented לפני 3 שנים

Hi carlos, if you buy a plan of my API you can use it for commercial purpose, the retransmission of radio streams are free, no need to talk to the owners. Radio stream transmission is different for TV or video stream signals,


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