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reminderof.me API Documentation

We synchronize your addresses over JSON, Web widget and personal website.

We take the pain away from updating links on the Web when you join a new social communication activity like facebook, linkedin, skype, whatsapp, email and 40 other means of digital communication.

reminderof.me is a business card for ubiquitous follow up. Looks great on iphone, ipad and android.
It is accessible via Web Widget, JSON and QR code. Sign up now on http://reminderof.me

Example: You can use this API to develop javascript plugin that retrieve personal links of a person via JSON and displays it on a tooltip. When the person updates his reminder with a new link will appear on your tooltip plugin

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GETUser link hub
GETUser link hub

This endpoint allows you to retrieve a business card url list. You can use it to link a person's up-to-date link list to embed the contact in every context.

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