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Scamadviser Overview

README is checked by more than 100,000 consumers daily and scans more than 1 million new domains monthly. You can receive the same data via the Scamadviser Trust Score API as shown on

Our API offers a fast and easy way for businesses to check the trustworthiness of a domain and integrate it within your own Know Your Customer (KYC) process or risk assessment flow.

The Domain Trust Score API provides you with a simple score for each domain. A domain reputation score of 100 means the website is very likely to be legit. A Trust Score of 1 means the website might be a scam, phishing or malware.

In addition, our full API also offers a detailed analysis of a domain including all WHOIS, IP and DNS data, consumer reviews, Facebook comments, malware, and phishing verification, domain categorization, possible intellectual property, and counterfeit infringements, blacklist, and blocklist information and related domains.

If you are only interested in the Trust Score a light version of our Scamadviser API is also available on RapidAPI.

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