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ScrapTik is the #1 TikTok scraping API solution and allows you to unlock TikTok data effortlessly. As the most stable and always-maintained option available, ScrapTik empowers you to seamlessly access data from the TikTok mobile app, including user, post, music, search, feeds, comments, followers, and trends.

Our comprehensive toolkit also includes advanced features like X-Argus, X-Ladon, X-Gorgon generation, challenge resolution, and device registration.

With frequent updates and a commitment to customer satisfaction, ScrapTik is the ideal choice for all your TikTok API needs and we’re happy to serve agencies, software services, and more at scale.

ScrapTik is the:
✨ Most popular TikTok data solution on RapidAPI.
✨ Most frequently updated and maintained. TikTok changes its data structure often, other providers have not been updated in over a year.
✨ Most comprehensive in terms of API endpoints and tools.
✨ Least expensive on a per-request basis, especially for enterprise usage.

Interested in a custom enterprise plan beyond what’s listed (# of requests per month or more requests per second)? Learn more at

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