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AFEX API is designed for businesses that want to make frequent payments. By accessing our Payment Engine via our API, it allows customers to automate their end-to-end payment processes and rapidly deliver tailor-made solutions for our customers’ business directly. Payments are sent through AFEX’s intermediary banks, payment channels and are bound by applicable laws, regulations, clearing house rules or payment processing procedures. Our API is built by developers for developers making it straightforward to integrate with our systems. We’ve also designed our documentation to be easy to use. Our API calls are grouped into feature sets which you can see in the navigation here in our API documentation. What's new in this version? ------------ The latest release to support these changes was deployed to production on 28th of June, 2019. * A new *Production* API endpoint `` was deployed with new load-balanced architecture for **increased stability** and **up-time** * New V2 launch of key methods including [api/V2/Quote](, [api/V2/Trades/Create](, and [api/V2Payments/Create]( *Note that methods listed as "V2" are available through the Version 2 endpoint* * Enhanced beneficiary validation for **IBAN** and **SWIFTBIC/Routing Code** Technical Notes ------------ **Non-Prod:** V5.2019 was be deployed to the demo environment on the 6th of June, 2019. **TLS version support:** Effective June 2018, AFEX no longer supports TLS version 1.0. AFEX currently supports TLS 1.1 and 1.2 in both the demo and production environments. **Production server IP address range:** Effective August 2018, the AFEX production servers public IP range was changed to ``. Getting Started ------------ **1. Read the documentation** We recommend that you read the API documentation in Developer Center to familiarize yourself with the API conventions and functionality along with exploring the examples. **2. Use the Demo API** The Demo API is connected to our test infrastructure. It returns real data but executes trades on your *demo account* and does not execute live transactions. A unique demo account will be provided to you as part of your engagement and will mirror the configuration needed for your *eventual* production account. Demo end points are: **AFEX API (beneficiaries, trading and payments):** Version 1.0 Version 2.0 **Partner API (account on-boarding):** Version 1.0** **3. Design & Development** Your dedicated Integrated Solutions Program Manager will assist with defining the optimum technical design based on your unique requirements.

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