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eSignly revolutionary electronic signatures are transforming the way industries which include, but not limited to insurance, healthcare, government , real estate and finance and IT firms sign different documents. Now, it is possible to reduce those everyday hefty tasks of managing piles of papers or documents. With the smartest tool of signing, it is easy to prepare, send, share and produce any document in seconds. Esignly offers the most reliable e-signature solution to diverse industries and helps people to create, manage, and process signed documents in a digitized manner. With eSignly, it is easy to reduce manual efforts, save huge operational costs, and serve your users more efficiently and promptly. eSignly is available in two modes- 1. HTML Widget which is a JS library. You just need to include this library and you can create smart buttons on your web page, which opens the same eSignly environment, which you get when you login to eSignly. Demo link is: 2. Core API, which will require integration at the server side. This will require a developer level experience to integrate and then call the routines to full-fill the API request. You will have to opt an API Plan ( You can choose the branding which will let you send the signing request emails along with your logo and signature. Once the signing request is completed, it will add one more page, which is called audit trail. You can register yourself as a free user and create a signing request to test it. You can create signing request, add recipients, can create a signature request by template key, send request reminder, verify documents and more easy to use features.

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