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HTTP body

Rapid account: Modembh
2 years ago

Dear api creator,
Your Pen to Print api is one of the best to detect handwriting. I’m so thankful for your effort.

I’d like to make use of it with MS Flow. Could you tell me what to include in the body of HTTP post request in Flow?

I’ve tried but couldn’t figure out how to adapt the info you provided in here in rapiapi pages.

I’d be really grateful and that will enable me to use it in my flow.

looking forward to hearing from you soonest,

**If anyone reading this can help in any way, please do and I’d be so grateful to you.

Rapid account: Modembh
modembh Commented 2 years ago

Finally, I got it to work!

Here’s a screenshot from my flow

The image content needs to be in binary format and not base64.

This the body of the HTTP post request.

Here’s a text copy of the body with “XXX” and “YYY” to be replaced with filename and binary image content respectively.

contenttype":"multipart/formdata","content-type": "multipart/form-data", "multipart”: [
“headers”: {
“Content-Disposition”: “form-data; name=“srcImg”; filename=“XXX””,
“content-type": "application/octet-stream" }, "body": { "content-type”: “application/octet-stream”,
"$content": “YYY”

I wish this piece of information could help you make use of this api, in case you are struggling with the same or similar issue.

Thanks to SamPo who shared his solution in this post.

Thanks to William for addressing similar issue on his blog.

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