Love Meter with Various Method

By Sinji Prasetio | Updated 10 months ago | Entertainment

Love Meter with Various Method Overview


Provide various method to calculate Love Meter, and will be add more. This will help you to skip any algorithm development for Love Meter.

Currently there is 3 method of calculation, we will add more, just stay in tune!
Current Method is :

  • FLAME method : which is traditional paper calculating where we convert into an algorithm, it wiil return “FRIENDS”, “LOVERS”, “AFFECTIONATE”, “MARRIAGE” or “ENEMY”.
  • True Love Method : it is also traditional paper calculating, using
    recursive number algorithm to calculate the percentage of match!
  • Astrology Method, this method is really complicated algorithm, which we count from the date, month, year, Zodiac compactibility, and name compactibility algorithm, this is very fun to test!

Please give a feedback so we can improve this API!

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