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Skyscanner Car Hire Live Prices API Documentation

Retrieve live prices for car hire providers.

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GETPoll Session Results
GETCreate session
GETPoll Session Results

Polling the session will return the details of all possible car hire quotes that satisfy the request query parameters. Prices will be obtained for the car hire quotes during the session. The calling application should poll the session in 1-3 second intervals until all updates are complete (all returned websites have inProgress equal to false), and all prices have been populated. This can take from a few seconds to a minute depending on the query. Please allow at least one second between polls. A note about delta results In your polling requests you may specify a parameter called ‘deltaExcludeWebsites’. This is a CSV or semicolon-separated list of website IDs. The server will set this in the Location headers to exclude whatever websites have finished sending results (inProgress equal to false). Excluding any given provider will remove its cars and website information from your result. Merely supplying&deltaExcludeWebsites= removes all images, the query, and the car classes lookup. The Location header in the first poll will include this parameter, even if it’s an empty string, in order that you don’t fetch that information multiple times.

Header Parameters
Required Parameters
REQUIREDSession Key acquired from Create Session endpoint
Optional Parameters
OPTIONALA list of website IDs whose results you want to discard, or an empty string. CSV or semicolon-separated values.
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