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Got 408 Server Error

Rapid account: Fickyalkarim 1987
hace 2 meses

I got 408 Server Error to run this API, Can you minimize the latency? because it seems the latency of your API is approx. 22,292 ms., it’s too long to fetch the response.


Rapid account: Ukramerrat
ukramerrat Commented hace un mes

Server Error

Rapid account: Fickyalkarim 1987
fickyalkarim1987 Commented hace un mes

Thank you for your quick response, Smodin

Rapid account: Smodin
smodin Commented hace 2 meses

we will actually be cutting the latency down soon, we are switch a 3rd party provider which causes most of the latency. it will take another couple weeks before that’s deployed, but it should drop it down to around 10-15 seconds

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